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A brief about



Chaiim Humanitarian is a flagship model of Chaiim

Fabtech Pvt Ltd. We exists to advocate on behalf of and empower women who have escaped from, or at the highest risk of human trafficking by providing dignified employment opportunities. We are a mission-driven humanitarian B2B lifestyle brand whose success is not just measured or defined in sales and revenue, but also works to create a social long-term, sustainable change. Although Chaiim Humanitarian Clothing is a business, all profits are retained and used exclusively for the benefit of the women (health care, education, vocational training, housing, etc.) and to

grow the business so more women in the

future will have the opportunity

to choose freedom.

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We presently have a garment production house where a sustained livelihood is worked out by giving sexually abused trafficked survivors a job by teaching them to sew and stitch. This slowly empowers them to becoming independent and self-supportive in due course of time. Chaiim Humanitarian responds to the economic needs of these women by offering long term employment an is strongly committed to Rehabilitation and Restoration of trafficked survivors.

Our Capacity B2B

Sampling, Bulk Stitching n Sewing orders,

Designer Wear, Men’s, Women n Kids Wear. 

Our Facilities

Infrastructure ;Merchandising, Quality Checking ; Documentation ; Packaging ; Shipping

Your Support

gives them a Fair-Trade Wage, thus enabling survivors to be independent and making them women of substance. 

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