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Professional Cut n Sew Manufacturing
Services that Transforms Lives

Stitching and Sewing garments that are selfsustainable, ethical and beautiful
Cutting Fabric

All our manufacturing is done under one roof in order to guarantee smooth and efficient processing of your order and ensure on-time delivery of your orders.

We provide a wide range of ethical custom cut n sew services.

  • Sourcing
  • Pattern Making
  • Designing
  • Grading
  • Sampling
  • Sewing
  • Quality Checking
  • Labels and Tagging
  • Packaging
  • Courier Delivery
garment production unit right from sewing to dispatching


Garment Grading

Make an Enquiry

Send us your Design Idea and get our estimate from our team
Garment Pattern making essential in production

Get a Customized Plan

Our team will work with you to make a customised production plan

garment Sample making

Start Manufacturing

From sustainable material sourcing through to international shipping


Chaiim Humanitarian Clothing is a flagship model of Chaiim Fabtech Pvt Ltd. We exists to advocate on behalf of and empower women who have escaped from, or at the highest risk of human trafficking by providing dignified employment opportunities. We are a mission-driven humanitarian B2B lifestyle brand whose success is not just measured or defined in sales and revenue, but also works to create a social long-term, sustainable change. Although Chaiim Humanitarian Clothing is a business, all profits are retained and used exclusively for the benefit of the women (health care, education, vocational training, housing, etc.) and to grow the business so more women in the future will have the opportunity to choose freedom.

Garment designing and Embroidery
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